Called To Be One

Called To Be One is a project of the Duluth Area Catholic Schools in support of Catholic school education in Duluth.  Bishop Paul Sirba announced the initiative in a letter to all Duluth Area Catholic School families. Called To Be One will produce recommendations for a plan to unify the Duluth Area Catholic Schools (DACS) into one school utilizing multiple campuses and offering a continuum of Catholic school education from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The project will also work to positively influence Catholic school education throughout the Diocese of Duluth.

Your input is a key component in the planning process.  Look for opportunities to participate in the project timeline listed below.

  • August 15 to October 13:  Community input through online survey.  The survey is now closed.  Preliminary results are now available here.
  • October 14:  First draft of working plan available for review here.  
  • October 14 to November 11:  Community feedback gathered on first draft of working plan. The online survey is available here.
  • November 12: Community planning retreat #2.  
  • December 2016:  Second Draft Plan available here.
  • January 2017: Plan recommendation by C2B1 planning team to Duluth Area Catholic Schools Board. 

The Second Draft Plan

After review of the survey and focus group responses, input from the two planning retreats, and significant internal
reflection, the Called To Be One planning team encourages continual reflection on the unabridged draft vision towards 2022. Read the unabridged 2nd Draft Plan here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions as well as a list of Called To Be One team members can be found here.
Your questions are important to us!  If you need further information or have unanswered questions please contact us by email here

News About Called To Be One

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August 16, 2016 News Conference Press Release here.

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Resource Library

We invite you to use these resources to deepen your knowledge of the Catholic faith and education, both past and present, as we form our vision for the future.  

Read "Echoes from the Past" here.

Duluth Area Catholic Schools

Duluth Area Catholic Schools offer high academic standards in a faith-filled educational environment. OurDuluth Area Catholic Schools logo neighborhood schools are Holy Rosary Catholic SchoolSt. James Catholic SchoolSt. John the Evangelist Catholic School and St. Michael’s Lakeside Catholic School in Duluth, Minn. Each offers a safe, studious, joyful Catholic school experience that upholds high standards of teaching and the even higher standards of Christ.

Feast of Faith 2016 Keynote Address

Sister John Mary Fleming, Executive Director for the Secretariat for Catholic Education at the United States Conference for Catholic Bishops and our keynote speaker at the Feast of Faith dinner in October, spoke about Catholic school education as a gift.  "It is a gift of a lifetime.  It is a gift that could change the lives of many young people."  She also said that as parents, we want our children to be "happy, healthy and holy."  

Watch Sister John Mary's complete keynote address (about 25 minutes) as she speaks of the gift of Catholic schools and how they can remain instrumental in forming happy, healthy and holy children in 21st century society. Thank you for your support of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Duluth.