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Duluth Area Catholic Schools offer high academic standards in a faith-filled educational environment. Our neighborhood schools are Holy Rosary Catholic SchoolSt. James Catholic SchoolSt. John the Evangelist Catholic School and St. Michael’s Lakeside Catholic School in Duluth, Minn. Each offers a safe, studious, joyful Catholic school experience that upholds high standards of teaching and the even higher standards of Christ.



Catholic Schools Week Rocks!

Catholic Schools WeekHere's just part of the excitement.  The Duluth Area Catholic Schools is celebrating National Catholic Schools Week January 31 through February 6th.  The theme this year is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.” We will focus on prayer, the caring and providing for others, appreciating the work and service of our community workers and military men and women.  Each of our schools has a lot of fun events planned this week for our students.  

Holy Rosary School

Holy Rosary Catholic School (K-8) 

Our students are intelligent and empathetic, strong and compassionate, confident and caring-because our teachings go beyond the mind and into the heart of the child.

We practice an accelerated curriculum that builds on the basics. We place an emphasis on character development, including the value of faith and the importance of service. We regard parents as the primary educators of their children, and we offer the level of attention you have been looking for.

Visit our classrooms, walk the halls, meet the students. You will be welcomed. You will be impressed.

More details about Holy Rosary School here.

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St. John the Evangelist School

St. John the Evangelist Catholic School (Pre K-6)

We are proud to say our students test above grade level, but we are even more proud that they uphold the values you want for them. They are good people, not just good students. 

We develop these young learners by offering them smaller class sizes, student-to-student mentoring, an advanced and updated curriculum, and an emphasis on faith and service. We encourage them. We challenge them. We cherish them.

Students at St. John's are educated in a family of faith, challenged to achieve their highest potential and grounded in values that form strong character. We invite you to meet them. You will be welcomed, and you will be impressed. 

More details about St. John the Evangelist School here.

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St. James School

St. James Catholic School (Pre K-8) 

As an extension of the Church, we exist to develop the full potential of all students and prepare them for their God-ordained purpose in the mission of Christ. That is our mission, and we take it very seriously.

We have a great school with wonderful students, excellent and dedicated staff, and involved parents. Our educational programs are engaging and challenging, taught in classroom environments that are safe, nurturing, caring and filled with the love of Christ.

You are always welcome to visit our school, tour our facility, and meet the members of our vibrant community. You will immediately feel at home.

More details about St. James School here.

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St. Michael's School

St. Michael's Lakeside Catholic School (Pre K-5)  

We meet each child where they are, then help them find the best way to learn and grow to enable them to reach their highest potential.

The spiritual formation of each child is central to the mission of our school. We give children an introduction to religious studies and a strong academic foundation that prepares them for school-and life-success. With small class sizes, we can afford to offer individualized attention to each student. In fact, every teacher and staff member knows every student by name, so each member of our school family feels welcomed and valued.

We have an exceptional educational environment, and we invite you to visit our classrooms, walk through the halls and meet our students. When you do, you will see how well your child fits in.

More details about St. Michael's Lakeside here.

To learn about events for Catholic Schools Week Jan 31st - Feb 6th click here.




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